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Move your headshot to the top of the pile. Update your resume immediately and keep it accessible. Spotlight what you’ve done and where you’ve performed. Showcase skills and traits that make you unique. Get called in for the right roles.


Find the performers and crew you need, fast. Reach out to the entire region to ensure you get top drawer administrative, artistic, and technical talent. Fill your staff openings for everything from the Box Office to the back office. Be on the inside track finding coverage for short term gigs, over-hires and crew.

Theatre Pros

Stage managers, scenic artists, carpenters, costumers, electricians, and technicians – let theatres know you’re ready to work. Multiple skill sets? – get your resume listed everywhere you want to be found. Freelancers and contractors – book as many gigs as you want, when you want them.

Theatre Artists

Directors and choreographers – let theatres know you’re here to work. Designers –  showcase your wares, make your portfolio stand out. Musical directors and composers – trumpet your skills, spotlight the sounds. Playwrights – share your scripts, let the words speak for themselves. Let Washington theatres know that you’re available.